Monday, September 01, 2003

Starship is suddenly down at the moment, and I usually do bloggish stuff there, so I've not much to say at the moment. My mind is simply on a single priority of a few parts. 1) My beloved's father has a confirmed case of what seems to be cancer of the esophagus. 2) We are in the middle of buying a house. 3) We plan to soon be married. 4) She might need to visit her dad on the day of closing so we don't know how that will work. 5) I need to move money out of the Annuity and RothIRA to pay my share. 6) We hope they don't build that road in our back yard! 7) My dear friend George is suffering from the same type of cancer that the other George [Harrison] had on 29 Nov 2001. 8) We need to have kids. 9) This Friday we submit our work As-Is, and it's not in the condition I would like. So compared to these things, anything else must be trivial. None the less my mind also dwells on the events of last night. For the sake of our privacy I will not speak the details, but needless to say it was an experience I could not have remotely imagined... Anyway, happy birthday Anu!

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